The Makumu

Experience Makumu on your own time. With no fixed itineraries, guests choose what they’d like to do and when.

Family Units always together

At Makumu a mother never has to be without her young

Many luxury lodges have age restrictions regarding their guests, not allowing children under a certain age to accompany the rest of their family on the trip.

At Makumu guests of all ages are welcome when booking Private use of the entire lodge. We want you to experience the magic of Makumu as a family.

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The Boma Deck

Be alive, be here, and know the beat of your heart.

Situated above the banks of the non-perennial Dundee river bed, our wooden-decked Boma is primarily used for evening dining. Situated under open African skies surrounded by the gentle flicker of lanterns, candlelight and open fire, listen closely for the far-off roar of the lion, the gentle coughing of the leopard or the hauntingly familiar call of the owl. Our boma dining is quiet and intimate and will certainly add to your Makumu experience.

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More to Experience

Optional additional experiences at Makumu

With our optional extras at Makumu there is something for everyone!

Reptile demonstrations - Learn more about these magnificent creatures from a reptile expert.
Massage - To take that relaxation to the next level.
Get Active - Use of our exercise equipment for those who will miss their daily trip to the gym.

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Tranquil Oasis

Refreshingly cool calming yet invigorating life giving water revives your senses and your soul.

Whether for a cool refreshing swim after a warm night’s sleep, or a dip to escape the hot African sun, the pool at Makumu offers it all. Built as a feature to blend in with the surrounding bushveld, it is a feature for the warm lazy days of summer, originally designed around the needs of the guests enjoyment - don’t be surprised by the visiting elephant herds that are known to quench their thirst here during the hot midday temperatures!

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Unique dining experiences

Enjoy our 'bush braai' experience

Enjoy your dinner in the wild! Our unique ‘bush braai’ experience is something special.

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Romantic Dining

Lunch drenched in sunlight, dinner by candlelight, one always feels indulged dining at Makumu.

Few things can compare to dining in the open under the spectacular canopy of the southern night sky. Superb cuisine, fine wines and an open fire will make your experience unforgettable.

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Camping in the bush

Something special for the more adventurous and those not scared of roughing it for a night! Our camping is available to our longer staying guests with the object being to experience small and big game alike in their natural environment. Tents are erected at a watering hole, you will experience open fire cooking and the most importantly the abundant signs of big game will always have you expecting the unexpected. Available for six people maximum.

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More to experience at Makumu...

Luxury Accommodation

May the simplicity of the Bushmen calm you, the energy of the Zulu inspire you and the creativity of the Ndebele enthuse you…

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Beautiful Wildlife

The beauty of the wildlife surrounding Makumu cannot be put into words, one needs to come experience it yourself.

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