Conducted twice daily or as you prefer open landrovers with armed Ranger and a Shangaan tracker in search of the elusive “Big five” as well as the other small and large wonders of this magnificent stretch of Southern Africa, normally conducted early morning and late afternoon.

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Early Morning Safari

A dawn wake-up call for an early start, coffee or tea, morning rusks or biscuits with your ranger to discuss your safari and plan accordingly. Then later a tea break with muffins at one of the more scenic spots before winding your way back to the lodge for a mid-morning breakfast, wish-list hopefully completed!

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Late Afternoon Safari

As with the earlier safari, times are seasonally dependent, taking into account the best possible options for viewing, when the game is most active. Perhaps a sun-downer stop for a view of the beautiful sunsets that grace this part of Africa, your favourite beverage in hand. The drive will then continue into the evening with viewing done by spotlight with the hope of seeing some of the more elusive nocturnal mammal and bird species. Then return to the Lodge for pre-dinner drinks around the fire.

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Get up close

Sightings as close as this make your heart beat faster! You suddenly become aware of your vunerability in this environment, but what a joy they are to watch!

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It’s Your Choice

Our aim at Makumu is not to be regimental or fixed in our safari planning, and the above should be read with this in mind, should you prefer late night or midday safaris, these are always available.

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Wildlife is everywhere at Makumu

Game viewing

Game viewing opportunities are just about everywhere at Makumu.

Just look around

Wildlife that frequents Makumu

Get a glimpse of the tremendous amount of wildlife at Makumu in our gallery.

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Feel the spirit of The Big 5

There is an unmistakable presence that can be felt at Makumu, our hope is that you embrace the spirit of Makumu.