Game Viewing

The Klaserie Private Nature Reserve forms part of the greater Kruger National Park and therefore is home to the Big Five, amongst many other unique and beautiful wildlife. Game viewing at Makumu is opportunistic, with no time constraints nor schedules - the ultimate benefit of exclusivity. 

Game viewing opportunities abound. From the early morning birdlife as the sun peeks over the horizon, to our resident warthog family that frequents the lodge lawns during the day as well as the elephant herds that choose to quench their thirst in our swimming pool, there is always the possibility of a sighting.

Our photographic bunker, iThumbela, also provides the perfect opportunity for pro and amateur photographers alike to capture images at eye level with the water to take spectacular shots of wildlife visiting the watering hole. Nicknamed iThumbela, loosely translated meaning “place to hide” in the Shangaan language, this is the perfect vantage point for the perfect shot!

Pearl-spotted owl, giraffe, hyena, wild dog, zebra, warthog, elephant, vervet monkey and leopard are among the frequent visitors — not forgetting a variety of antelope: kudu, impala, waterbuck and nyala.

More about The Big Five:

An old African hunting term coined by the various hunters over the past century that have come to these shores looking to carry away the trophies of the five most dangerous African mammal species to hunt. Modern day has allowed us to use this phrase in a slightly different manner - that of course being the most elusive and rewarding game to view in their natural habitat. The Klaserie is home to the ‘Big 5’. Although we have had wonderful sightings of these magnificent creatures over the years, any sighting of big game is a privilege and never a right. This is the ethos of safaris at Makumu. We will never guarantee these sightings, but will work tirelessly to find these opportunities for our guests.