Safaris & Activities

Game Drives

Conducted twice daily or as you prefer, in open Land Rovers with an armed ranger and a tracker, normally conducted early morning and late afternoon to search for the more elusive and nocturnal animals by spotlight.

Tracking Big Game on Foot

“On foot, the pulse of Africa comes through your boot. You are an animal among others, chary of the shadowed places, of sudden quiet in the air” – Peter Matthiessen, The Tree Where Man Was Born  

Join our highly skilled guides on foot to track big game in the surrounds, from antelope to elephant and experience the ultimate feeling of being one with the African bushveld. A fresh footprint in the dust, the faint sound of a breaking branch, wet mud rubbed on a tree, the presence of birds or a sudden quiet in the air are all part of the tracking experience. The senses are heightened searching for clues, sounds or smells to indicate an animal is nearby. 


Spend quiet time in our hide overlooking the watering hole and watch as the wildlife come and go to quench their thirst in the hot African sun. For the more adventurous, the treehouse also provides guests with endless views of the Klaserie as well as the opportunity to spot wildlife from up high! 

Optional additional experiences 

Reptile demonstrations: learn more about various reptiles that occur around the area as well as the conservation and protection of various species.

Get Active

Makumu offers guests basic exercise equipment for those who may miss their daily trip to the gym.


With stunning views and luxurious surroundings, a massage will provide guests with the ultimate relaxation.