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Posted on Mon August 28, 2023 in Ranger Diaries.

As stated in previous reports, this year we experienced substantial rainfall that extended into the later months. Even now, the Klaserie River maintains a modest yet picturesque flow, meandering through the reeds and over rocky terrain with its crystal-clear water. This period marks our windy month and the season for controlled fires, a crucial practice when executed correctly. Essentially, it serves as a surface exfoliation, while we remain concerned about the uncontrolled fires beyond the reserve during this dry season with scorching winter days thus far. Fortunately, our game reserve remains unaffected, bearing only a distant smoky haze on the horizon.

During this time, we're treated to absolutely breathtaking sunsets, offering our guests the chance to capture iconic photographs for their bucket lists.

From a wildlife perspective, this month has been one for the books. Despite encountering a couple of cold fronts, animal sightings have been abundant. The sparse vegetation has simplified the process of locating and trailing animals.

All images in this article were taken by Ruan Ferreira.


The leopard sightings have been out of this world, all across the traverse and especially around the lodge. The very well known Xivindzi has been giving us epic sightings, and as relaxed as always. She has been using the drainage in front of the lodge to stalk and ambush pray moving towards the lodge pan/watering hole. She has also been moving quite far to the north and west, looking for that beautiful young male that wonders between the windmill pan and malembeni. We have seen them together on two occasions now, so far, no babies or signs of pregnancy as she is now at the age where she could start mating.

The male (Nzumba airstrip male) as mentioned above has also been very active and we have seen him moving more east and south, closer to Xivindzi’s area. Only thing is, we have been seeing a new young male wonder between malembeni and the lodge, so it will be interesting to see what will happen here.


Lion sightings have been good and at the same time very on and off. The group of 14 killed a giraffe more south east of the lodge and gave us a very nice sighting for a few days, with some very nice hyena activity in the area. The smaller splinter of 5 moved in, and even though they are related, it got very heated, as strong social bonds have formed within these splinters.

The group of 7 have been all over, the larger of the two males, the blonde one has broken away from the group with one female, so hopefully they have been mating, as we did see him show his dominance over her and his brother. His brother with the darker main, sadly got separated from the pride. I think and it is just my opinion. The 2 boys are now men and with no large males to control them, they will be next in line to mate. The two of them will both be attracted to the sexual messages given by the female, from where they will have a GO at one another to establish dominance for mating. Because of their strong social bond, they both broke away from the group, from where the larger male outcompeted the other one and then got separated. I am sure that he will find the rest of the group again as he has been very close the lodge to the lodge for about 3 to 4 days calling/vocalizing for them.


These big gentle giants have been all over, feeding on the river reeds while standing in the cool flowing water. Also, every single watering hole has been busy with elephants, there are tracks and dung all over the property and they have been destroying the young Knobthorn trees throughout the traverse.

We have had some very nice sized herds +/- 50 in a herd, with lots of young ones and then some smaller ones, the young warriors (Askaris) and some very large bulls give us some great sightings and awesome relaxed walk byes, right next to the game viewer.


Buffalo sightings have been really good, again and still just dagga boys (bulls). We had a breeding herd once or twice through the area, but they only stick around for a day or so and then move out the area.

The buffalo bulls have been very active around the thicker drainage vegetation, up towards the lodge pan and then across the ridge to the river.


They have been all over, we have not seen the clan together, we do recognize individuals, so they are definitely still around and you see their tracks all over the place. They have been following the leopards around a lot, hoping to get a free meal. They always keep things interesting.

Heading into spring soon and looking forward to what’s to come.

Thank you for reliving this wonderful experience with us.