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Posted on Thu October 26, 2023 in Ranger Diaries.

As the mornings grow warmer, tans deepen, and the pool becomes a constant hub of activity, the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve and Makumu Game Lodge are buzzing with the latest updates.

All images in this article were taken by Stefan Breuer, Owner, and Julia Love, Ranger.

Wild Dogs:

October has undeniably become the month dedicated to wild dogs, and we've been exceptionally fortunate to witness their frequent appearances. Our day began just like any other game drive, with a brisk morning breeze and everyone savoring their freshly brewed coffee. Then, an electrifying moment unfolded as we heard the distinctive contact calls of the wild dogs. Soon after, we encountered the adult wild dogs with a freshly caught impala, and before long, the delightful calls of the playful pups reached our ears as they made their way toward us.


In contrast, the leopards have proven to be quite elusive tricksters. However, when we do manage to locate them, the experience is nothing less than extraordinary. The stunning Shivindzi has graced us with her presence repeatedly. On a fortunate occasion, we had the privilege of observing her in a captivating hunt for an impala. Though her attempt was unsuccessful, witnessing her stealthily maneuvering from one bush to another was truly a remarkable sight.

Elephants and Buffalos:

Buffalo herds and elephants have been a regular sight at our watering holes, offering us a chance to admire their natural beauty. The buffalo herds move in harmony, while the elephants playfully bathe, showcasing their intelligence and strong bonds within their herds. These moments provide a deeper connection with the ecosystem's rich biodiversity, inspiring all who witness them.


And, finally, we can't forget the majestic rulers of the jungle, the River Pride. They've been demonstrating their dominance by successfully hunting not one, but two giraffes in just one week. With their bellies full, these lions have been basking in leisure, creating ideal moments for capturing stunning photographs