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September 2022 Wildlife Report

Posted on Mon September 26, 2022 in Ranger Diaries.

Welcome back to another exciting update on our adventures here in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. I will be covering all the exciting things that happened over September.

The winter season is slowly fading away and the hot summer air is moving in strong with temperatures rising to 35’C. But we can still enjoy our winter bush, which is still dry and clear for a few more weeks before the rains move in.

All images in this article were taken by Ruan Ferreira, General Manager

Wild dogs:

Early morning wake-ups rewarded. Our guests were treated to an exciting experience when they saw a pack of wild dogs steal an impala kill from a leopard. The female leopard had no choice but to give up her fresh kill and find quick safety up a tree. Al this commotion attracted hyenas to the area which led to a fight between the hyenas and wild dogs for the remains of the impala kill. An absolutely amazing and rare sighting to witness.


The last month we have been so spoiled with leopard sightings, thanks to the extremely dry bush. It just makes it much easier to spot elusive leopards as there is less coverage. Our local female leopard has also made frequent visits around and in the camp, for us to enjoy.


Our amazing river pride has provided us with countless amazing sightings over the last month. A definite highlight was when they killed a buffalo in the Klaserie river. This is not too far from Makumu, so this created a great opportunity for us to view and observe them feed, sleep, play and drink.


A true highlight for not only the guests but our guide as well was at the photographic bunker. After sitting there for 3 hours, the guide was starting to pack up and head out. But just as he peaked his head out from the top, he climbed back down and told everyone to get ready as a large herd of elephants were making their way to the water.  The guest got their cameras and phones ready, and boy, was it worth it. This was such a large herd that they filled the entire water hole right up to the edge of the bunker. The herd was drinking, playing, and splashing around which our front-row guests got to experience first-hand. A truly unique experience as the closest elephants sprayed all the mud and water right into the bunker onto the guests, covering their clothes and camera gear in mud.


The exciting Hyena den has been very active with some new little ones joining the clan. The den is situated quite near Makumu’s famous eye-level photographic bunker. Therefore, we have had many beautiful sightings of the hyenas coming down for a drink, bath or enjoy some play time by the water. These have made such amazing photo opportunities for guests.


We don’t always just witness the poor buffalo being hunted and preyed on. But for the last week or so there have been two big male Buffaloes that made themselves quite comfortable at Makumu’s waterhole. Providing guests with the chance to enjoy these beautiful herbivores from the comfort of the lodge and their own rooms.